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Schickimickischeißhaus Deutschland

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Theater Play in German Language

E-Book ISBN:978-3-948613-71-6


A quirky community is set in motion by a local climate event at the Humusklo Museum. People who never meet in normal life. A billionaire meets the young museum cleaning lady, the doctoral student for enlightenment meets the violently drifting local politician, and a climate refugee has secretly hidden in the closet from the cold blizzard.

One wants to use her money to save bizarre works of art from the climate catastrophe, the other has a tight Pegida background through her mother. One ponders that as an Austrian you have to be at least Hitler to have a career in Germany, the other wants to think like Danton. And the climate refugee is the only one who can recite the German Basic Law and the Basic Law speech by Carlo Schmidt by heart.

Unintentionally and unplanned, this humus clog community has to discuss its situation and finally negotiate its raison d'etre. Beyond dry statistics and cool prognoses, it becomes noticeable here what really blooms for people when the climate catastrophe comes..

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